Usage tools

Want to know exactly when your business is using the most power – or more importantly when it’s wasting the most? Then our detailed heat map and usage graphs can help optimize your businesses energy usage. Our usage tools give you insights into your daily usage and costs, all available through your online account and in monthly reports. You can’t manage what you can’t monitor.

Detailed Graphs

Track your usage patterns using our detailed graphs. You can see if equipment is being left on out of hours and compare consumption on different days.

Smart Meter

You will need a smart meter to access our usage tools. If you send us a copy of a recent electricity bill we can identify your meter type and let you know what needs to be done to upgrade to a smart meter. This is often possible at zero cost to you.


Track your savings with our monthly reports. See how your energy management has reduced usage and costs and get motivation for further action to achieve energy savings.


We help our customers to gain mastery over their power bills through making more informed decisions about how they use and purchase their power.