Energy Auditing in the Manufacturing Sector

(04 Nov 2009)

The manufacturing sector is one of the Ireland’s largest industrial sectors. Large companies usually have continuously operated equipment producing huge amounts of products. The sector includes the manufacture of products and chemicals.
For many companies, energy is the single largest variable cost, comprising up to 50% of all input costs. Energy savings can therefore contribute significantly to cutting costs and it is estimated that savings of up to 20% are possible for most companies in the sector.
The biggest areas of energy saving potential are boilers and steam (used in process heating), compressed air, drying, evaporation and motors and drives.

Saving energy brings the following advantages:
• It can be one of the simplest ways to increase profits without the need to increase sales.
• It can help a business meet its targets under any IPPC requirements.
• It helps cut carbon dioxide emissions, combats climate change, and demonstrates corporate social responsibility to stakeholders.
The costs of energy are only set to rise as are taxations on energy use. The competitiveness of the sector depends on keeping operating costs at a manageable level.

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