EPLACE to Save 30% of Energy in Public Buildings

(20 Sep 2013)

Energy Solutions is a partner in an EU project which aims to achieve 15-30% energy savings in public buildings through the use of innovative ICT solutions for metering, controlling energy sources and increasing user awareness.  

EPLACE (www.eplaceproject.eu) is an online energy monitoring and management platform which will provide building managers, users and ESCOs with the information required to identify and deliver energy savings. 

The platform will gather and analyze energy data gathered through a smart energy monitoring and control system that provides personalized recommendations, tips and advice.  EPLACE will also include a web based collaborative platform to facilitate sharing of information on energy saving projects and initiatives. 

Our Role

Energy Solutions developed a common audit methodology for the pilot buildings and is responsible for the Measurement and Verification of energy savings in the buildings.  We are also managing the installation of the hardware in the Irish pilot buildings in co-operation with CODEMA.  

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