CER Plans National Roll-out of Energy Smart Meters in Ireland

(16 Nov 2011)

The Commission for Energy Regulation (CER) has published a consultation paper proposing to roll-out electricity and gas Smart Meters to all homes and many businesses across Ireland in the coming years. Smart Meters will provide significant benefits to domestic and SME energy customers. Recent trials showed that a national rollout of smart meters could lead to a 2.9% reduction in overall gas consumption, a 2.5% reduction in overall electricity consumption and an 8.8% reduction in peak-time electricity consumption.
The CER is proposing to roll-out smart meters nationally in a manner which:

• Includes an in-home display screen to give consumers more real-time information on both the cost and usage of electricity and gas.
• Provides customers with smart bills, containing detailed consumption and cost information.
• Involves suppliers offering time-of-use pricing for all electricity consumers, facilitating a shift I electricity consumption to cheaper times of the day and giving more choice to customers.
• Provides prepayment services as standard with smart metering, i.e. energy consumers will be able to automatically switch between prepay and bill pay options.


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