Building Energy Efficiency

The EU has estimated that some 40% of all energy is used in buildings. This presents significant opportunities for energy savings for users of all buildings, from houses to offices, hotels, leisure centres. In short there are opportunities for incorporating energy efficiency when designing or refitting any building.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive was introduced to improve the energy efficiency of buildings through the introduction of Building Energy Rating (BER), inspection requirements for boilers and air conditioning units and the requirement to consider alternative energy sources in new commercial buildings.

Energy Solutions has been advising building owners and managers on the energy performance of buildings since 2004 and we have a wealth of experience and expertise at your disposal. (Read about our services for building energy efficiency)

We were also one of the first Qualified and Certified BER Assessors in Ireland for both dwellings and non-domestic buildings and can offer a one stop shop for your building energy efficiency needs.  

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